Babylon Revisited                                 Marion                       Don Marcus                   The Ark/Shakespeare & Company, MA

Hamlet                                                   Ophelia                      Celeste Moratti                Teatro Franco Parenti, Milan

Beethoven Love Elegies                       Guilietta Gucciardi   Don Sanders                  Ensamble for the Romantic Century, NY

Mauritius                                               Mary                           Eric Peterson                 Oldcastle Theatre, VT

The Second Girl                                    Bridget                        MJ Bruder                      The Vineyard Playhouse, MA

Our Town                                              Emily Webb               Jon Kimbell                     Seacoast Repertory Theater, NH

The Tempest                                         Miranda                     Ellen Geer                       Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum, LA

Lamplight Dialogues*                          Mollie Shapiro          Kent Stephens                 Strawberry Banke, NH

King Lear                                               Regan                         Louis Scheeder                Shakespeare Santa Monica, LA

Time Stitches*                                      Beth                            Kent Stephens                  Stage Force, ME

Pericles                                                  Bawd                           John Farmanesh-Bocca  Not Man Apart Physical Theater Ensemble, CA

Command Performance                     Hunnah/QQ              Paul Kirby                         Caravan Stage Company, Adriatic Tour



Television/ New Media

The Celebrant (Pilot)                          LEAD                                            Rae Dawn Chong 

The Elf Strike                                       SUPPORTING                              J. Michael Feldman    

Clark and Michael                              FEATURED                                  Michael Cera        





Oblivion (2012)                                     FEATURED/STAND-IN              Joseph Kosinski

Damsel (2014)                                       SUPPORTING                              Doug James Burgdorff

#Blessed (2014)                                     SUPPORTING                              Rich Costalis & Kailee McGee

The Bearded King (2008)                    LEAD                                             Chris Bramante/NYU Tisch Film



Commercial & Voice Over 

Canyon Ranch                                      SUPPORTING                             Rick Sands

C&J Railways                                         LEAD                                           Walter Anthony

Snap Judgement                                   Radio Play                                   Snap Judgement

The Therapist                                       Voice Series                                Audible

Public Service Announcement           Voice Over                                  Public Service of New Hampshire

Awards & Honors


Sang National Anthem for President Barack Obama.

*Best Actress in a Play, Mollie Shapiro, Lamplight Dialogues. Seacoast Spotlight Award.

*Best Supporting Actress in a Play, Beth, Time Stitches. Seacoast Spotlight. Award.

Outstanding Musicianship, Clark Terry Jazz Festival. Jazz Voice. 


BFA New York University

Tisch School of the Arts: Drama with Honors. (CAP21, Classical Studio, Stonestreet Film& TV)

The Groundlings (Improv 101) 

Shakespeare and Company 

Playhouse West, Robert Carnegie, Los Angeles







Singing (Classical, Jazz, Musical Theater, Bluegrass. Lyrical Soprano- Belt to F), Dancing (5+ Years of Training in Jazz, Theater, Modern, Ballet, Experimental), Yoga, Bodywork-Reiki, Skiing, Horseback Ridding (Western and English), Accents and Dialects (British RP, Cockney, Australian, Italian, French, Indian, Slavic, Bostonian, Brooklyn). 

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